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Alpiste libre de fibres de silice:  Comprar Aqui!

New Pureza Brand Alpiste Packaging



Because of large demand Pureza was out of stock for some time in 2014!  We’re now shipping in our new stand-up resealable poly bag.

Always CERTIFIED Silica Fiber Free, our product is the cleanest, best quality in the market!

Pureza Brand Silica Fiber Free Canary Seed!

Pureza Brand Silica Fiber Free Canary Seed!

New alpiste pallet

For the wholesale buyer email: and we’ll put you on our Store Locator!

Nature’s Way Health Foods – Silica Fiber Free™ Alpiste in Connecticut

Nature’s Way, providing a full range of health foods and products as well as superior industry knowledge since 1974, is proud to carry Pureza brand Silica Fiber Free™ Alpiste.
Located on the Barnum Avenue Cutoff in Stratford, Nature’s Way is happy to help meet your health, grocery, supplement and natural products needs!
Stop by 922 Barnum Ave. Cuttoff, Stratford CT 06614
Call (203) 377-3652
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Alpiste in Chicago

A little about La Luz Bakery from Yelp…

First thing you feel when going into this place is…overhwelmed! What should you choose? The selection is staggering. Sweet buns galore, turnovers, cakes, flan, cookies, croissant stuffed with cream, cheese pastries, things that look like aspics that are stuffed with some sort of flowers (I have no idea what they are but they’re sheer art!) They do fresh snow cones and cakes to order. Plus…and here it is…TRES LECHE cake…heavenly and soaked with sweet creamy milk. Unbelievably addictive.

It’s mostly self-serve, so you grab a pair of tongs and a platter and begin your adventure searching through case after case of these colorful treasures. And when you’re through you discover you’ve got enough bakery for days and it only cost you like five bucks.

I love this place and the staff who are super friendly. One of the women always has a smile and never hesitates to explain what’s in any of the cakes or pastries and she always teaches me Spanish when I’m there. Hit this place up–either for that single breakfast pastry before you hop on the Metra (It’s right behind the Round Lake stop in the downtown area). Or when you need a lot of bakery because you’re having guests to tea. Cheers! is proud to have been working with La Luz Bakery

Please check out their locations for Silica Fiber Free Alpiste. While you’re there, pick up some fresh postres!

La Luz Bakery
500 North Lake Street
Mundelein, IL 60060-1862
(847) 837-0303

La Luz Bakery
246 North Cedar Lake Road
Round Lake, IL 60073-3283
(847) 740-0303