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Nutritions Smart selling Silica fiber Free Alpiste in Southern Florida


Nutrition smart

One of our favorite resellers of Pureza Brand Silica Fiber Free Alpiste (Canary seed) in the country is Nutrition Smart in Southern Florida!

Here’s some of what we like about them!

The Board of Directors, Corporate Officers, Executive Management, and staff of Nutrition S’Mart, in implementing the Mission of the corporation, subscribe to the following values:

-We will respect each other first and foremost, and that level of respect will carry over to our customers, our vendors, and our neighbors.

-We will maintain product integrity at all times.

-We will ensure that all information shared with customers is current and accurate.

-We will ensure that our staff is knowledgeable and up to date with the latest product information and do our best to live the healthy lifestyle we promote.

-We will provide customers with caring and personalized attention to ensure they are getting the products and/or information they are seeking.

-We will always endeavor to achieve 100% customer satisfaction – serving customers beyond their expectations.

-We will remain committed to provide excellent service to our customers, vendors, and fellow employees.

-We will maintain a friendly work environment where employees enjoy their work, customers feel welcome, and vendors seek to become part of our team.

Alpiste in Florida

Miami, Florida – Demand for a reliable source of Alpiste has ballooned in southern Florida, finally reaching the American consciousness of the “Sunshine State”.

It is no surprise that Florida residents are one of the largest group of Americans with a Latin background.  Since mass awareness of Alpiste is largely credited to the Latin community, it is also not difficult to imagine why southern Florida has developed an active interest in this amazing seed.  We have responded to this burgeoning demand by suppling locally owned stores, and have compiled a map of these locations which carry certified “Silica Fiber Free Alpiste”.

If you own or manage a store, and are looking to resell Alpiste in your community, please feel free to contact Pureza, Ltd. at – or reach out to Pureza’s regional sales manager, Michael.

Michael Garcia

(201) 707-8668

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