Youtube recommendation for Pureza Alpiste – Silica Fiber Free

Lassen’s Southern California is happy to announce its working relationship with Lassen’s in Southern California to supply PUREZA Brand Alpiste!

In 1971, Hilmar and Oda Lassen opened the doors to their first natural food and vitamin store. 1971 was around the time when health food was in the beginnings of its ‘first big trend’. Wheat germ, peace, love and tofu were making their way into the lives of many flower children. But 1971, for Oda and Hilmar, was not a time to jump in on a trend, this was not their way at all. On the contrary, Oda and Hilmar simply had a desire to provide the community they lived in a place where they could come and find wholesome, low-processed foods for the families in the town they chose to make home. The first Lassen’s store was (and still is) located in Camarillo. Camarillo became home to the growing Lassen family.
Lassen’s has now expanded to 9 stores and continues to provide a service to the community, with fresh, organic foods, the highest quality vitamins and supplements, and a source of reliable nutrition information. They are proud to help provide healthy choices to their friends and neighbors for 40 years.

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