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Alpiste in Texas

Houston, TX – One of the biggest markets for “Silica Fiber Free” Alpiste is Texas.  The large Hispanic community has been educating the greater Texas population on this natural dietary supplement, yet much of the fulfillment of this demand has come through local Flea Markets.  Buyers beware of vendors at these flea markets supplying the general public with inferior bird food that they purchase on local wholesale markets.  Most of these individuals have been trying to pass off potentially harmful animal feed-grade alpiste as product that is safe for humans.

Take the time to seek out vendors that carry certified “Silica Fiber Free” Alpiste.

Our newest store is in Houston – Flores Spices

Flores Spices
2503 Link Road
Houston, TX 77009
(832) 731-8535

Another store that we recommend: Natural Health Shop is located in Richardson, TX.  As their website states, “At Natural Health Shop, we make it easy to be healthy.

“We are a health food store that strives to serve all of your health needs through our extensive selection of supplements, groceries, books, beauty care and sports nutrition products. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you seven days a week. As a family business, we make it our priority to provide personalized service and quality products at discounted prices.”

Natural Health Shop
400 North Coit Rd.
Suite 1902 Richardson, TX 75080

* If you have trouble finding a store near you please give us a call at 1-(855) ALPISTE, email: or visit