Bird Food Alpiste in Mexico

As of March 2016, 100% of the Alpiste sold in Mexico is still Bird Food quality.  Those looking to purchase Alpiste for human consumption are out of luck for the time being.  There is also the common misconception that Alpiste in Mexico is actually produced in Mexico, or that the powdered “leche de alpiste” is safe.  The fact is that nearly every kilo of this potentially beneficial seed sold in Mexico comes from the Canadian (bird food) export market – Bird Food!

Work is being done to export certified “Silica Fiber Free Alpiste” into Mexico.  When this is accomplished it will come with tremendous relief for people in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Guanajuato, and throughout Mexico – people that up to now have not had a safe, reliable alternative to consuming animal food.

Stay tuned for more updates…

In the meantime, we are actively seeking specific stores to partner with and provide our “Silica Fiber Free” Alpiste in the following cities:
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  1. Malika Merabet says:


    I am looking since several weeks for alpiste for human use, that I can purchase from Germany, where I live.
    I would appreciate so much if there is a possibility to buy the alpiste from you and if you could get it shipped to Germany Colone.
    Is this possible?

    Hopefully, greetings from Germany! M. Merabet

    • Currently we do not have our Alpiste in Germany. Postage and documentation costs seem to be prohibitive at the moment! I’m sorry to say this as we are the only company that has certified silica fiber free alpiste for sale!

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