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The risks of consuming bird-food grade canary seed

If you’re thinking of trying canary seed as a dietary supplement, keep in mind that the

traditional canary seed typically sold in stores and online is not probably not safe for

human consumption.


Here’s why:

Biogenic silica, meaning silica made into structures by living creatures/plants, tends to

have a spicule (tiny needle) shape that can be hazardous. This really isn’t surprising

when you consider silica is used to make glass.


One scientific study indicated that the microscopic silica fibers on traditional canary

seed were a possible contributor to esophagael cancer in Iran, China and Africa, where

canary seed is a frequent contaminant of flour used for baking. Another study found that

mice fed a canary seed diet developed tumors around their mouths and noses.

True, mice aren’t people and the Iran/China/Africa article was just one study. But until

traditional canaryseed has tested safe for humans, do you really want to take the risk?

Probably not.


The good news is you don’t have to take that risk, if you choose the right kind of canary

seed. Newer types of canary seed, developed by the University of Saskatchewan for

human consumption (and to be less itchy for the people who process it), don’t have

these potentially risky silica fibers. These are called “Silica Fiber Free” canary seed.



The purpose of this website as stated before is simply to provide a reliable resource for consumers to find legitimate resellers of certified  “Silica Fiber Free” Alpiste!

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